The sea churned violently, the waves rising almost till the masts now. The rains lashed out heavily drenching everyone of us on board within minutes. The storm peaked, decked out on all its fearful glory.
The deckhands ran about frantically following the orders shouted out. Wave after wave crashed against the bow of the cargo ship. The ship lurched towards the stern as a strong wave crashed against the bow. Desperate shrieks of the unlucky filled the air as they fell overboard. No help was spared, not when each held on for dear life.  Wave after wave crashed into the ship. The hull started rising out of the water. Bodies, alive and dead started slipping towards the stern. The air filled with shrieks of anguish, screams of agony and prayers for deliverance. The ship tipped to the side. Water started filling the deck. The lower floors were already flooded. The ship would tip or break from the pressure. People now willingly threw themselves overboard, death by getting crushed under the ship or drowning, the choice was theirs. The rain had ceased but the waves didn’t relent. Despondency clawed at the hearts of the few survivors barely keeping afloat on the pieces of debris floating around.
And just when all hope seemed lost, land loomed in the distance.


I wrote this post almost 4 years ago, on my first blog on blogger. Click here for the original post. It seemed apt for today.

The above post was originally written for Angela’s VisDare prompts. Do visit to know more about it.

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