Waking up grateful

My alarm went off at 7 am. I mumbled groggily and shifted to grab my phone and stop the ringing. I sighed…”Moonmoon..mooon..”, I called out softly, without expecting any response. A slight tinkle of bells, a soft thump on the bed, and when I opened my eyes, a whiskered face meowed softly and burrowed his head into the nook between my chin and neck. He purred loudly while giving me soft, wet licks. My hands went around him and pulled him closer. The purring grew louder and the meows softer. Laying in bed, I couldn’t be more grateful…


Growing up, I had always wanted a pet. And now that I was living an independent life and earning for myself- getting one seemed wasn’t a faraway reality anymore. No, I’m not saying it’s easy, it’s quite the opposite- more than a few times while making the countless trips to the vet, giving him his medicines or playing with him, I have wished I didn’t have to do it alone.  Especially times when I had to watch him be inserted with needle after needle, and hear him cry out in pain while getting his blood taken out. But times like these lazy mornings where I’m a tad bit late to work because I just couldn’t resist spending a few extra moments in bed cuddled up with him, or the way he flops down on me because I’m his, are the times that leave me thinking that it’s all worth it.

And more than that, I know when I look back, I’ll be stronger for it; and I would have no regrets.


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