Let’s explore the city! [Bangalore-Part 1]

“As we get older, the biggest things that we will remember are the times that we spent with our friends. The good times are always good and we always know how to make the best out of everything. Friends are often fleeting, but the memories we make with them will last for the rest of our lives. Memories with friends make up the majority of our memories.”Source

It was a Monday, and me and Neetha took the optional holiday off from work for a day out. So there I was on a Monday morning, travelling to another part of town. After a delicious lunch, a couple of hours of passing some time idly in a restaurant, some good conversation and of course dessert, we made our way to Sankey Tank. Sankey tank is a man-made lake area, near the suburbs of Malleshwaram.

But, look at the pigeons.

Imagine an idyllic area, with ponds and lakes, people out for walks, and a setting sun.  We entered, and immediately my attention was caught by the countless pigeons flying around and pecking at the feed thrown by the people around. We walked along the edge of the smaller pond, and immediately a flock of pigeons flew right at us. My hair flew back amidst a bunch of floating feathers, as the both of us started giggling and then burst out laughing.

The boundary of the smaller pond looked over a larger lake, and provided a magnificent view of the setting sun. A young boy walked into the park with a bag of bird feed, and immediately all the pigeons, anticipating the food, flew in perfect symphony towards the boy, much to the amusement of the onlookers. One couldn’t help but smile.


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”Look at the fishes! They’re tiny, and they’re going round and round”, shouted a 4 year-old boy at his sister, mother and grandmother. The young girl, maybe 10, joined him in watching them go round and round. ”It’ll come and catch you now”, replied the grandmother. The mother and grandmother then took out two small wooden elephants statues from the bag they were carrying, some flowers and a banana. A few murmured prayers later, each kid picked up an elephant, took off their shoes, and threw it into the pond, as far as their little arms could.


We walked along the edge, and sat on the stairs which led into the lake, facing the setting sun. Oh, but it was a picture of bliss. We sat there in silence for sometime, watching the setting sun, occasionally breaking the tranqiuility with some observation of the people around us, at other times talking about a fly-away memory from our younger years.

”Looking at old couples out for a walk, makes me happy”, I mumbled to Neetha. ”Yes”, she replied, ”watching senior citizens hang out together makes me happy too”. Maybe its the hope for a happily-ever-after, I wondered.

Two pretty girls in dresses, clicked pictures. A man went around the pond jogging. A young couple strolled in, and sat on the stairs of the pond. A few families were out for the evening with their kids, taking pictures, doing little happy family things. An old grandmother sat near the railings with her tiny grandchild wrapped up in blankets in her arms. Two somnolent ducks waded through the glittering waters to a destination known only to them. They were quickly followed by a family of spry and frolicking young ducklings. One man sat near the grass, alone, lost in thought. ”What do you think is worrying him?”, I asked Neetha, as we proceeded to stating the countless possibilities.

One to remind of us the day 🙂






So we sat there, until the sun set down completely, until the last pigeon had hopped and flown away, until dusk pervaded our vision, until contentment saturated our souls.

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